What Experts are Saying


“In selecting candidates to take over the hospitals, our priority was to seek the best buyer who could guide our hospitals into a successful future while honoring the obligations to our associates, retirees and other constituents.”

“Prime Healthcare’s bid was superior to all others. Prime’s selection ensures that our communities will have access to high-quality health care for years to come, that pension plans for our employees will be funded and investments will be made in our facilities.”

Robert Issai, DCHS President and CEO


“The Daughters of Charity consider it an honor to have served the health care needs of the sick and those who are poor in California for 162 years.”

“Prime Healthcare gives us hope for the future of healthcare in the communities we serve. After careful consideration and discernment, we are confident in our decision and our leaders look forward to working with Prime Healthcare to ensure our hospitals remain viable now and in the future.”

Sr. Marjory Ann Baez, DCHS board chair


“We are truly honored to be chosen by the DCHS Board of Directors to extend their mission of care delivered for decades by the doctors, nurses and staff so dedicated to the well-being of their patients.”

“Prime Healthcare has demonstrated its ability time and again to transform struggling hospitals into thriving community assets. We are committed to preserving these community hospitals and continuing to deliver the highest quality patient care to the communities they serve.”

Dr. Prem Reddy, Chairman, President and CEO of Prime Healthcare