What Community Members Are Saying

Community members are showing their support for the sale of Daughters of Charity Health System to Prime Healthcare. A Change.org petition addressed to the California Attorney General, who must approve the sale, has received support from thousands of citizens voicing their concern for the health and welfare of six community hospitals which the Daughters of Charity now operates.

A few of their statements are included below:


As an employee of St. Francis Medical Center Foundation of Lynwood, I see how vital this hospital is to this community and surrounding communities on a daily basis. To let this hospital close or be forced into bankruptcy, which would greatly reduce its services, would be a travesty to the underserved people of South LA. We provide much needed STEMI, Stroke and top-notch Trauma & Emergency services to an already underserved area. It is unthinkable to deprive this community of the basics of healthcare tailored to them and their needs. I strongly urge the AG to approve this sale for the good of all the communities involved.

-Sheryl Addotta


Having worked at Daughters of Charity for some time now I have witnessed the struggles of this charity hospital. My unit provides urgent care for victims of heart attacks and is a critical link in the survival of these patients. Prime Healthcare will ensure that critical services like this will be maintained for our community. I feel that the resistance being offered by SEIU is self-serving, selfish and detrimental. Blocking the sale will most likely push O’Connor hospital into bankruptcy and allow a different bidder to take over, such as the county, along with a venture cap firm (Blue Wolf) to assert their agenda that will most certainly interrupt critical services. The Daughters of Charity have been faithfully loyal to their conviction to serve the sick and the poor for many, many years and with so much reliance on state and federal reimbursement, which has created significant unsustainable losses. I think we should thank them for their service to so many for so long by APPROVING the sale to Prime healthcare and their foundation.

-John Ortiz


This hospital chain has done much vetting to find the best buyer, one that has the capital to sustain hospitals that serve the poor and underserved. They have vetted Prime Healthcare and have garnered guarantees to best provide protection for its staff and communities they serve. SEIU is opposing this sale for its own self-interest. Working at Seton Medical Center for nearly 20 years I saw them take advantage through fear tactics and act in ways that were not in the best interest of their members. The Daughters of Charity are dedicated to their values and mission. They did not make this decision lightly. After more than a 100 years of serving the underserved and poor trust that they have assured the continuation of their legacy. Bankruptcy is what will occur if this sale is not approved. Please realize the enormous loss of jobs and community care that will be lost without it.

-Joan Evans


Prime Healthcare acquired our facility and medical group in Reno, Nevada July 2012. We are now a thriving hospital adding services that benefit our community and ability to compete in the market place, offering community members choice in healthcare services. We retained much-needed jobs while improving overall quality measures for our patients.

-Debra Simon


I am an employee of O’Connor Hospital and Saint Louise Regional Hospital Foundation and I believe Prime Healthcare will continue the work of the Daughters of Charity by providing quality healthcare for our community.

-Leslie Williams-Hurt


I work in a hospital that was hours away from closing the doors for good – Prime purchased us in 2008 and quickly brought us from the brink of closure to a busy thriving hospital. In addition, Prime does a tremendous amount for the community.

LyRae Sullivan


St. Vincent Medical Center has been in Los Angeles since 1856 (although has been name changes). Not only does this hospital service the local community but also the under served. We plead with you to sign and approve the sale to Prime Healthcare so that we can continue to serve the local community while saving jobs. Thank you in advance!

Carolina Aldana


Removing the 6 hospitals from the communities they serve would have a catastrophic effect on those areas. Prime Healthcare has proven throughout the acquisition process their desire to maintain both the services and the community benefits of these 6 hospitals. Prime Healthcare is also the only potential buyer offering to maintain past and present pensions. I urge you to support the sale of the DCHS hospitals to Prime Healthcare.

Celeste Goff Veerkamp