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California Newspapers Endorse Sale of Daughters of Charity Hospitals to Prime Healthcare Services

February 20, 2015

The San Francisco Chronicle has joined a wave of newspaper endorsements across California supporting the sale of Daughters of Charity Hospitals to Prime Healthcare Services.

“The compelling public interest here is to keep the hospitals open, and to preserve the jobs and pensions of the dedicated workers at Daughters of Charity. The attorney general should approve the sale,” said the San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board on Feb. 13. (Read more here.)

The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board on Feb. 2 also endorsed the acquisition, writing “Prime believes it can turn the Daughters’ hospitals around not just by collecting more from insurers, but also by cutting overhead and providing better, more efficient care. It should have the chance to do so.” (Read more here.)

The Gilroy Dispatch and the Morgan Hill Times, community newspapers serving southern Santa Clara County, also published editorials on Feb. 12 and Feb. 13, respectively, supporting the sale, “We applaud the attorney general’s diligence and that of her staff—and urge her to approve the sale with conditions that will ensure continued, quality care while not being so onerous as to chase away the anointed buyer-in-waiting and put the future of South County’s healthcare delivery system at risk.” (To read more about the newspapers’ appeals to Attorney General Kamala Harris to approve the sale with fair conditions, click here and here.)

These newspapers join more than 50,000 California citizens and over 30 current or former elected officials; physicians, nurses and patients; the California Nurses Association; Daughters of Charity staff, including SEIU-UHW members; and dozens of community leaders, businesses and organizations, who support a transaction that will save six hospitals, thousands of jobs and the pensions of 17,000 current and past workers.