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Letters of Support for Prime Healthcare Pour in from State Politicians and Officials

December 26, 2014

Politicians and officials across the State of California have voiced their support for Prime Healthcare’s bid to purchase Daughters of Charity Health System (DCHS). In letters, statements, press releases, articles, and interviews, they have expressed an urgency to save the six California community hospitals that DCHS currently operates.


Letters of Support

Art Sponseller, President and CEO of the Hospital Council of Northern and Central California, penned a letter to Santa Clara County officials arguing that the Daughters of Charity Health System Trustees should have a right to decide which buyer is “best for their communities.”

The entire text of the CEO’s letter can be read here.


California’s congressman from the 8th district, Paul Cook, has put pen to paper to throw his support behind Prime Healthcare and their bid to purchase the failing Daughters of Charity Health System.

The entire text of Congressman Cook’s letter can be read here.


California Senator, Mike Morell, has added his voice to the growing chorus of state politicians supporting the Daughters of Charity Health System and their plans to sell their failing hospitals to Prime Healthcare.

The entire text of Senator Morrell’s letter can be read here.


First District Supervisor of San Bernardino Robert A. Lovingood put his strong support behind the sale of the Daughters of Charity Health System to Prime Healthcare.

The entire letter from Supervisor Robert Lovingood can be viewed here.


California State Senator Mimi Walters sent a strong letter to Attorney General Kamala Harris urging her to conduct a “fair, reasoned and impartial” review of the sale of DCHS hospitals to Prime healthcare. And she expressed her concern that communities around California could lose a “vital resource and thousands of jobs.”

The entire letter from California State Senator Mimi Walters can be read here.