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Daughters of Charity Responds to Misinformation Campaign With Facts About Sale

December 22, 2014

The Daughters of Charity Health System (DCHS) and Prime Healthcare are responding to a series of ads and press releases by the SEIU leadership spreading misinformation about the sale of the DCHS hospital system to Prime Healthcare. They have pointed out that, contrary to the claims being put forward by SEIU President Dave Regan and his leadership team, there is no other viable choice to save the six hospitals in the DCHS network. Prime Healthcare submitted by far the best bid for these hospitals and every other bidder fell short of the standards set by the Daughters of Charity. That includes the Wall Street investment firm Blue Wolf Capital Partners. They have never owned a hospital before and they have zero experience managing hospitals in California. Moreover, they refused to guarantee employee pensions, something Prime Healthcare has fully committed to doing.

You can read more about the facts of the DCHS sale and the lies being sold to the public here.